Digital Humanities is a broad term that encompasses both the use of computational methodologies in studying the traditional materials of the humanities — language, literature, history, archaeology, art, and so on — as well as the use of more traditional humanistic methods in studying the materials, the processes, and the results of digital technologies. DH is both critical and hands-on, invested in both the innovative use and the careful study of the technologies that increasingly mediate human cultures. 

In this course, students will explore a broad spectrum of perspectives on the digital humanities, participate in multiple in-class projects using a variety of methods and tools, and create a digital humanities research project of their own design. Students will become more thoughtful, critical, and reflective users of digital tools, technologies, and spaces by understanding that all technologies are complex, socially situated, and political tools through which humans make meaning.

This course is being offered in Fall 2020 through Michigan State University as DH285: Introduction to Digital Humanities.