Course Technologies

You will need to have access to certain digital technologies in order to complete your work. In some instances, these technologies may be new to you. You are responsible for making time to ramp up, troubleshoot, and learn. This activity will require your patience, can-do attitude, and sense of adventure.

  • (MSU) Google Apps ( will be used for collaborative work throughout the semester. Note that you may also need access to a non-MSU google account if using Google products that MSU does not subscribe to (e.g. Google Maps, Youtube). You may use your own Google account or create one specifically for the class.
    Note: If you are currently residing in a location that does not allow access to Google Apps, let the instructors know, and we will make adjustments to the course accordingly.
  • A Mattermost account. A sign up link is available in the course D2L and will be emailed to students individually. You can access the team at in a browser or by downloading the app on your computer and/or phone. Only your fellow classmates, and the instructors will be able to see this channel, and data is stored on servers that the instructors control so it is private and secure. Mattermost’s YouTube channel has tips and tutorials about how to use Mattermost effectively for team communication.
  •  Zoom, which includes a computer download at the first time of use (for an assessment of Zoom’s privacy strategies, see
  • A Humanities Commons account. [If you are an MSU student, you can create an MSU commons account that uses your MSU NetID.] Getting Started with MSU Commons   Getting Started with Humanities Commons
  • Download Open Refine, a free software for data cleaning –
  • Free account with Flourish ( – this will be used in network analysis 

 While you participate in class, make sure that your use of technology during class is not a distraction to yourself or others. Do not take phone calls, update your status, or text during class unless you have made arrangements with the instructors ahead of time (due to some sort of emergency or care issue). Avoid using technology as a barrier to actively engaging during class. 

On the first day of class, we will create a set of community norms that will lay out how we will interact with each other and handle challenges (including technology challenges) throughout the semester.