Exam (11/20)

(20% of overall grade)

Class will not meet on Friday, November 20.

The exam will include a project critique and will ask students about their understanding of digital humanities.

Students will be sent a link in Mattermost to the the take-home exam at 5pm ET on Wednesday, November 18. Make a copy of the exam and fill it out, adding your name to the document, and turn it in to the instructors as a direct message in Mattermost by 5pm ET on Friday, November 20.

To do before class

  • Final Project Proposal is due by Monday, 11/16 by the end of the day
  • Post link to blog post about The Crisis Beyond Text in-class project in course Mattermost by 5pm on Monday, November 16
  • By Wednesday, November 18 at 5pm, provide feedback and comments on 3 of your classmates’ blog posts in the #class-discussion channel in Mattermost by replying to their blog post link as a threaded comment