Final Project Grading Rubric

Brainstorm, check in meeting, and draft presentation (5%)

  • If you complete each of these assignments, you will receive full credit. If not, you will be docked points.

Proposal (10%)

  • Describes the research question to be explored
  • Narrates:
    • How you came to choose your topic
    • How the research question evolved over the course of the semester
    • Your goals for the project
  • Describes a project that:
    • is appropriately scoped
    • makes use of one or more digital humanities method(s)
    • is likely to produce findings that respond to the research question
    • produces a final deliverable in the form of a website or essay
  • Provides a source of data that will be analyzed
  • Cites at least three sources

Presentation (10%)

  • Communicates the research question and motivation behind the project 
  • Showcases the final project deliverable and shares findings
  • Explains the methodology and processes that led to the final product
  • Uses time appropriately (did not finish too early or over time)
  • Presentation is organized and flows naturally
  • Communication is clear, engaging, and polished (including, eye contact with audience members, did not speak too fast or too slow)
  • Uses slides that enhanced the presentation

Final Project

  • Methodology (35%)
    • Answers the prompts described in the methodology section above
  • Argumentation and Analysis
    • Project Evaluation Template (25%)
      • All sections of the template are addressed in the project deliverable
    • Findings/Conclusions (5%)
      • Research findings and conclusions are communicated in the final project deliverable
  • Self-Reflection (10%)
    • Thoughtfully considers the experience of the final project
    • If part of a group, considers and reports on how the group worked together, both successes and challenges
    • Meets the minimum length requirement of one page single spaced (12 point font)