Final Project Presentation (12/18)

10% of Final Project Grade

For the full description of the final project, see the Final Project page.

Final presentations will take place on Friday, December 18, 10:00am-12:00pm (ET).

You will have 6 minutes to share your final project, excluding time for questions. Begin by sharing the research question and motivation behind the project. Then, show your final product briefly and share conclusions and findings that can be drawn from the project. Finally, discuss the methodology and process that led you to the final product.

Address the following elements of your final project:

  • Research question
    • What is your research question?
    • What led you to pursue that question? Why does it interest you?
    • How did it develop over the course of the semester?
  • Methodology
    • What decisions did you make and why?
  • Argument and Findings
    • What does your project demonstrate or argue? How does it make that argument?
    • What evidence did you use?
    • What should users/viewers/readers learn from your project?
  • Final product(s)
    • This may include a demo of a visualization, an excerpt from a video, or a short tour of your website.
    • As in previous presentations, make sure that you take screenshots or otherwise embed this portion into your slides so that you do not lose time because of connectivity or login issues.

Fitting all of this into 6 minutes is a challenge. Practicing your presentation at least once before the presentation day is strongly advised.

You should use slides to organize your presentation. Use the Successful Slides tips document (attached) as an aid in developing your slides. You will not be graded separately on your slides, but they are key to ensuring a successful presentation.