Final Project Proposal (11/16)

10% of Final Project Grade

For the full description of the final project, see the Final Project page.

Write a 2 page (single spaced) description of:

  • the research question posed by your project, including how you selected it
    • How you came to explore this topic (if you chose this topic because it is a hobby that you are passionate about, say so, for example)
    • Were you influenced by other DH projects or methods we explored in class?
    • How your research question has evolved over time
    • What your goals are for the project
  • ideas for where data to analyze will come from
  • proposed methods for analysis
  • proposed final deliverable (website or essay; if website, what type [digital archive, interactive map, etc)

At least 3 credible sources (scholarly, or at the approval of an instructor) must be cited to show that background research has been done to frame the project. Each source must include 1-2 sentences explaining how it relates to the project.