Find a DH Project (10/30)

(2% of overall grade)

Introduction and goals

Digital Humanities projects come in many forms, rely on a wide array of data types, and involve any manner of technologies. In this assignment, you will nominate a digital humanities project for the class to evaluate in Project Critique 3. Becoming accustomed to searching for and identifying DH projects is a crucial skill for this class.


Come to class with a digital humanities project that lends itself to analysis with the Project Evaluation Template. This project cannot be one that you presented on in your Disciplinary Presentation, nor can it be one that we have discussed in class. By the start of class, share the link to the project and its name in the #assignmentdeposit channel of Mattermost.

[If you miss class for any reason, you will need to post to the channel a brief description of how this is a project that would be good to evaluate and why you nominate it.]

During class, we will break into 3-5 groups. Each student will share the project that they found to their group and explain how it is a digital humanities project that can be evaluated using the template. Each group will then nominate 1 project among them as the best representation of a DH project. Each group will then share that project out with the rest of the class.

The projects nominated by the groups in class will be examined in Project Critique 3.


  • Nominated a project by the time of class – 50%
  • Shared a rationale for the project’s nomination – 50%