Walking Harlem: Refining the Archive and Working with Maps (10/23)

Assignment due Next Wednesday (10/28): Project Critique 2

We will begin class with a discussion of the readings and going over mapping technologies. We will then divide into groups to finish the Walking Harlem project: fleshing out tours, finishing images and tags, and mapping the stops.

Readings and podcasts due

Projects to explore

To do before class:

  • Sign up for a time to meet with Kristen and Kate (doodle poll sent in Mattermost)
  • Post a discussion question based on the readings into the class-discussion channel in Mattermost.
    • Note: your question cannot only reference the Vox video. If you want to include the Vox video, your question should incorporate at least one of the other readings from this week.

During Class on 10/23, we will:

  1. Discuss the readings and mapping technologies
  2. Co-work to finish the Walking Harlem Project
    1. Flesh out descriptions for the tours
    2. Finish adding images to items
    3. Finish assigning tags to items
    4. Georectify a historical map
      1. See tutorial http://www.kristenmapes.com/neatline/ starting at “Georectify your own map” section
      1. Where to find maps online:
        1. NYPL Map Warper http://maps.nypl.org/warper/
        2. NYPL Maps and Atlases https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/collections/lane/maps-atlases
        3. BTAA Geo Portal – https://geo.btaa.org/
        4. Old Maps Online – https://www.oldmapsonline.org
    5. Establish the historical map as the basemap for Omeka
    6. Write the About page